Translation Services

Translating is more than merely replacing words with others – there is no such thing as a word-for-word translation. A high-quality and professional translation not only improves the quality of communication but also helps avoid the misunderstandings and possible cultural collisions that an inadequate translation may cause.

Language is also a strong tool in creating and maintaining a company’s image. For instance, errors and inaccuracies in the translations of a company’s internet pages do not convince the reader of the services that the company provides. It is, furthermore, important to recognize the various audiences, the people who read the translations – how they understand the text in regard to their cultural background, for instance. The target audiences as well as the text type are crucial factors to consider when producing both the original text as well as the translation.

Wordly offers translation services from Finnish to English and English to Finnish as well as proofreading and editing of English texts. We translate various types of texts, letters, faxes, tenders, agreements, manuals, Internet pages, reports, publications, bulletins, press releases, speeches, advertisements – the texts that you or your company may require.

KPlease contact us for an individual quote – translation prices vary on the individual nature of each text: the length, the deadline as well as the level and amount of specific terminology and technical terms.

Interpretation Services

Equal communication is based on the right and the possibility to express oneself in one’s mother tongue. Wordly will help you or your company in business negotiations, meetings, seminars or conferences. We also provide liaison interpreting for hospitals, police stations as well as court interpreting for court cases.

Language and Culture Training

In today’s international business environment, investing in the personnel’s language competences is a wise choice for any company. Language skills are quite simply the ability to understand and to be understood. Language skills also include the ability to recognise and understand the culture behind the language in question. Language skills, at their best, open doors to other cultures and further international cooperation and understanding.
Wordly offers English language and culture training with regard to its client’s needs and operational environment. Each training unit is tailored to meet the client’s specific needs.

Areas of Expertise

Wordly gladly offers its expertise in airline and travel industry-related matters, texts and training, including extensive knowledge of travel documents as well as travel document and authority r equirements.
Wordly furthermore offers in-depth knowledge of the British culture and its language use.